Geld für das Sommersemester 2021

Geld für das Sommersemester painting -acrylic on canvas/ 2020-2021 / 115cm x 75cm This art project was actually created during the pandemic (Covid 19), when I lost my job. Works are based on documentary photographs which I took at my workplace, where I was employed as a "kitchen assistant". Since I am still out of work, and my daily expenses are increasing, and since I would have to pay for renewal of the semester at the Academy, I decided to start selling these works in the amount of the semester payment. With this With this statement I started my art project which should end with a certificate of enrollment in the summer semester at the end of March. I would like to add that this work is very important for me, as it will allow me to continue to develop as an artist. With this series of paintings, and economic condition I would like to emphaisise how it is easer for me to find a job as cleaner or waiter but more difficule to persue my carier in art, and therefore I deiced to start earning with my skills and education I developed at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna.